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Hochschule Fresenius and Studienkolleg nrw starts the admission of chinese students

German universities are the first port of call for chinese students when studying abroad by now.

Due to this fact, Hochschule Fresenius and Studienkolleg nrw hosted a press conference in Beijing on 05/22/2018, to enthuse more students to start a international study at the Hochschule Fresenius.

On behalf of the Hochschule Fresenius Danielle Etienne, Management Assistance of Studienkolleg nrw and Zhenan Li, general manager of CDB Bildungconsulting GmbH informed the attendee about the general possibilities for studying in Germany and presented the „4-year-programm“ which is specially intended by the Hochschule and includes both the preperation for the university entrance exam and a complete bachelor degree course. After successfully passing the university entrance exam the students also have a reserved university enrollment for the study paths „Automotive & Mobility Management“, „International Business Psychology“ or „International Business Management“ which are optionally in german or english language and have an integrated study abroad. The Hochschule Fresenius offers a very practical and forward-thinking working method as well as the cooperation with over 500 business partners from the field of economy and media. Therefore a good step into the future of the students is guaranteed.

Concluding Danielle Etienne briefed the interested parties on the admission criteria. Not only the grade of the chinese „Gaokao“-examination is significant but also an Assessment Center the Hochschule Fresenius created in cooperation with their partners for the prospective students. From now on the Assessment Center will be implemented in China every year to enable as many chinese students as possible a study in Germany.

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