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Hochschule Fresenius

Hochschule Fresenius

The Studienkolleg NRW administers the preparatory courses and the Feststellungsprüfung at the Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne. Hochschule Fresenius is a state-recognized private university of applied sciences with more than 7000 students in the Economics and Media Department alone with campuses in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Idstein (near Frankfurt), Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and New York. After you have successfully passed the Feststellungsprüfung as well as the regular enrollment procedures of Hochschule Fresenius, we guarantee you a place in one of their German or English Bachelor programs.

Hochschule Fresenius

state-recognized and accredited

 Best Education

     Wide Range of Bachelor and Master Programs

     7 Campuses

     Contacts to Business, Science & Politics

  Education that shapes you!

     Lectures with Practical Relevance

     International Exchange

     Individual Support