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Presentation of certificates at Studienkolleg NRW

On 15th June 2020 (and 26th June*) the certificates of the university qualification exam (Feststellungsprüfung) have been ceremonially presented to the graduates at the Studienkolleg NRW, in Mediapark Cologne. Mr. Engelsleben, President of the Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and Mrs. Etienne, Director of the Studienkolleg NRW handed the certificates over to the graduates. First, Mr. Engelsleben addressed the graduates in a refreshing speech: the special conditions under Corona and also the future student life has been discussed. As part of the strict hygiene measures during the presentation of certificates, shaking hands was replaced by bowing. Finally, a few group photos were taken outside, naturally with some distance, as a reminder for the graduates.

The participants of the courses medicine (M), business (W) and technical science (T) have started the preparatory courses at the Studienkolleg NRW in October 2019 and since the corona eruption in April 2020 in Germany, they were taught exclusively in the virtual classroom. Therefore, the graduates can be particularly proud of themselves, that they passed the university qualification exam under these special conditions. With this certificate, the graduates can now apply for bachelor studies throughout Germany.

The team of the Studienkolleg NRW wishes the graduates all the best for their future!

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